Waste to Energy (RDF)
Construction Waste Management
Social Responsibility
Integrated System

Save your World

Construction Waste Management

The diversion of the waste generated in construction sites instead of being send to the landfills is an ongoing challenge in green home building..

Integrated System

Ezdehar’s experts design and implement solid waste management systems to serve various facilities like hospitals, residential compounds, factories and hotels..

Waste to Energy

Ezdehar has created a specialized department called “Waste to Energy” to make better use of the huge quantities of non-recyclable waste instead of..

What WE Can Offer For

Construction Sites
Residential Compounds
Social Campaigns

As part of Ezdihar Policy seeking for developing slums like (Zabaleen community Manshiet Nasser), ezdihar collaborated with SOY(A Non- governmental organization which play an important role in developing zabaleen community) by presenting financial aids (specify portion of company’s profit) furthermore..

Consulting & Training

The awareness about the balance between the construction industry, business goals and the environment’s rights is greatly in the hand of the future generations that can help direct engineering and architecture in a way that best serves the society’s needs with minimal impact on the environment..