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Ezdehar (Prosperity Co.)

Out of their strong belief in the importance of recycling and solid waste management in the Egyptian community, the three co- founders of Prosperity Co., where youth’s passion meets over twenty years of experience, started this independent facility in August 2015 due to the dire need of our community of such entity to contribute in the developing of the environment by spreading the concept, practice and use of waste segregation, recycling and renewable energy.

Prosperity Co. is an Egyptian start-up company that provides various environmental solutions and services specialized in the field of solid waste management (SWM) and recycling. Prosperity offers a variety that meets the needs of customers in the areas of SWM and environmental protection in the serviced areas according to the law of hygiene No. 38, law Environment No. 4 of 1994 and No. 9 of 2009 and in accordance with the globe standards and environmental requirements by achieving overall recycling rate of 75% at a minimum, also implementing an environmentally integrated Construction Waste Management and disposal system Under ISO 14001 regulations. Prosperity also delivers all the consultancies, studies, researches, and training courses needed in the field of environment.


Achieve leadership in the field of environmental services, especially solid waste management, in Egypt and boost the environmental awareness among the Egyptian community.


We provide our services with the highest possible quality following the global standards in the field of preserving and developing the environment and adapting it according to the local needs through Egyptian national expertise represented in leading professionals in solid waste management (SWM) who bring more than twenty years of experience in this field.


  • Recycling of all types of waste to achieve the visionary goal of zero waste society.
  • Designing and Implementation of integrated systems for solid waste management for the new urban cities.
  • “Waste-to-energy” Achieve maximum utilization of non-recyclable waste by sending it packaged to various cement factories to be used as source of energy called Refused Driven Fuel (RDF).
  • Develop and boost of the environmental awareness in the society through delivering researches, studies, solutions and campaigns related to the solid waste management and sustainability of resources.
  • Implementing an environmentally integrated Construction Waste Management in accordance with the standards and environmental requirements that have been made by the United States Green Building Council to achieve the related credits required for LEED Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Activities and Programs

  • Integrated systems for solid waste management for all types of buildings and cities.
  • Integrated recycling programs for all the types of waste generated by the society.
  • Construction waste management under regulations designed by USGBC for achieving related credit in LEED Certification.
  • Department specialist providing studies, researches, consultancies, environmental solutions and training courses.
  • Integrated programs for implementing an environmentally integrated Construction Waste Management and disposal system Under ISO 14001 regulations.

Previous Projects

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