As part of Ezdihar Policy seeking for developing slums like (Zabaleen community Manshiet Nasser), ezdihar collaborated with SOY(A Non- governmental organization which play an important role in developing zabaleen community) by presenting financial aids (specify portion of company’s profit) furthermore, Developing and boost of the environmental awareness in the society through delivering researches, Studies, solutions and campaigns related to the solid waste management and sustainability of Resources.

About Spirit of Youth Organization

The Spirit of Youth Association for Environmental Service is a non-profit organization that was established in June 2004 by the young men and women of the Garbage Collectors (Zabaleen) community of Manshiyet Nasser, Cairo.

Mr. Ezzat Naim, founder and son of garbage collectors, came up with the idea to start an organization interested in the issues, needs, and aspirations of the Garbage Collectors. Naeem, who has more than twenty years of experience in the field of solid waste management, mobilized thirty-five young men and women of the Garbage Collectors community wishing to serve their communities and families to establish the Spirit of Youth Association for Environmental Service.

SOY has participated on different projects as a responsible for the process of Solid Waste Management that has been successfully accomplished with various multi-national & national companies. Here are some completed and undergoing projects by SOY

  • Recycling of the waste generated from Proctor & Gamble’s products (plastic bottles) then P&G receives it at their factories to avoid commercial fraud.
  • Tetra-Pak Campaign for the recycling UBC.
  • Pepsi Egypt, Recycling of the metal beverage cans.
  • SOY is responsible for the segregation and recycling of more than fifteen tons collected daily from Cairo streets by the different companies working under our supervision.